Planning your football season and your budget doesn't allow for new equipment?
Why not go with used but recondition football equipment. Football Americana, Inc., offers reconditioned equipment at reasonable prices. We have over 20 years experience in this process and John Castillo worked for Alamo Athletics (now owned by RIDDELL) in their warehouse and as a road salesman. Save money and gives us a try.

Helmets are Schutt Pro Air II or Riddell VSR4. Other Styles of Schutt and Riddell can be obtained. We do recondition helmets you provide as well.  Helmets are air bladdered and come in sizes medium, large and Xlarge.

Shoulder pads                                                                                                   
Shoulder pads come in a variety of sizes and different manufactures, examples: Austin, Bike, Maxpro, Spirit, Riddell, Douglas, etc. XXX are not common but we normally have some in stock.  

NOTE: Helmets will be painted to any ATHLETIC non-metallic color at no extra charge.  Special colors will incur an additional $8 charge.  Some helmets are not eligible for reconditioning by NAERA Reconditioning standards due to age of helmet. Helmet use by RIDDELL is limited due to expirations constraints. Schutt only a recommends this since SCHUTT does not have time limit on their helmets.

When ordering please indicate that you are aware of the following policy: While we are not NAERA certified, we do only use equipment that meets time lines for approved use.

We sell used football equipment, it has been reconditioned , inspected for cracks and flaws and safe for use in a game situation.
Football Equipment Pricing
Medium combo of helmet and shoulder pad $135
Large combo of helmet and shoulder pad $150
Xlarge combo of helmet and shoulder pad $150
7 piece protective pads - vinyl dipped $45

Helmet logos (minimum order 15 pair)

Call for pricing

Single helmet:  
Medium $70
Large helmet $80
XL helmet $85

(Freight is not included)

NOTE: Helmets are Riddell VSR4 and new jaw pads, a 4 point chinstrap and a new facemask or a good used one are included. All equipment has been reconditioned and hardware replaced where needed. Helmet decals and award stickers are also available.

Also Available!
Riddell VSR2-Y (youth) helmets. The equipment has been professionally reconditioned, sanitized and bladder tested to insure it holds air. This helmet will fit 5 different head sizes. As well as tackling, step over agile dummies and forearm pads, curved blocking shields, helmet hardware, shoulder pad hardware and 7 piece pads.

All orders must be prepaid
25% prepaid on all orders will initiate your order and payment in full is required before delivery.

We prefer a money order or personal check made out to Paul Valdez and sent to 5326 Wapiti Trail San Antonio  TX 78228. Pay pal payment is acceptable but there is a slight delay to allow for funds to post.

Important:  When making payment include size of helmet, color of helmet, color of facemask and style of facemask, i.e., skill, lineman, etc.  If ordering shoulder pads include size.
Also include telephone number.

John CastilloOrdering Equipment
When ordering equipment for contact play, please do so in PLENTY OF TIME. Do not decide to order today and expect to have the equipment within 4 to 5 days. We need time to properly prepare the equipment and insure your safety (7 to 10 days). Prepaid orders are shipped by Fedex and you can create great savings on freight by using this method.

When ordering include color of helmet, facemask and position being played. We will try and match your desires. On shoulder pad orders gives us the desired size, i.e., medium, large, Xlarge, XX large or XXX large. And remember equipment is used. Helmets have game use nicks and scars. Do not place an order if you expect near new equipment.

Orders totaling more than $1,000 will require a deposit of $250 before order can be ready for shipment.  Balance must be completed prior to shipment.
No CODs.

Note: We DO NOT ship to PO Boxes

To place an order, provide the following information to
Helmet size, color of helmet and facemask (if unknown, using a cloth measurement provide the circumference of the head)
Number of inches from outside shoulder to outside shoulder 
Playing position:________________________________________________________

Due to spaming, we are having some in house problems. When making payments only use my email as the payee and immediately confirm that funds have been sent.

Primary to place an order. Thank you for your business

San Antonio, TX 78228
Primary Phone: (210) 870-5605
Secondary Phone: (832) 257-1155

Football Americana